What is this project?

The Nishy Project is about helping women embrace sex as the key to their wellness, confidence, and power.

When things are going well in your sex life

It’s fun to share your sexcapades! It’s hot to write, read and relive experiences, and it feels exhilarating to get a sneak peak into the real experiences of others.

When things are NOT going well in your sex life

It’s helpful to vent your frustrations. It can feel cathartic to write down your feelings of disappointment, guilt, shame, embarrassment, or any other emotion. In these moments, reading what others experiencing similar challenges have to say can be beneficial, too. Seeing that you aren’t alone, and learning from each other so we aren’t all left figuring things out ourselves.

A Safe Community for Women

Whether you're coming to The Nishy Project to read or write, for support or stimulation…know that all are welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated.

This is a place to witness the REAL experiences women have with sex - the good, the bad and everything in between. Through these stories, we will begin to see the impacts that sex has on ALL areas of our lives and acknowledge the essential role it plays in our overall wellness, confidence, and power.

Essentially, knowledge is power, and with sex being a taboo topic, we unfortunately know too little. What we do know has been heavily skewed by society, religion, media, and more.

Throughout history, storytelling has proven to be one of the most valuable mechanisms to teach, learn, inspire, motivate, excite, and empower. Storytelling brings value both for the reader and the writer. Journaling, a written form of storytelling, brings immense benefits, especially as it pertains to achieving goals and instilling habitual change.

So, we thought about the best way to support individuals, empower a community, and assist in creating and maintaining healthy habits…and it resulted in The Nishy Project.

Our Core Values

In order to build a safe community, we have outlined these core values to explain the way we expect you to interact with this project.


The focus of The Nishy Project is support, inclusion, acceptance, and education. We believe that these objectives are not just achievable with anonymity, but furthered by it.

While we are all about the “kiss and tell” mentality amongst friends, we want users to be able to share openly and honestly and we feel that leveraging anonymity supports this.

Social media has created such a culture of comparison and that couldn’t be further from what we are aiming for here - hence the anonymity. There is FULL anonymity. We do not collect your email. You choose your user name and should use anonymity.

Please keep names out of all stories. We expect that our users can respect this code of conduct. You can create fake names for storytelling but please no last names, even made up.


You can read and consume without setting up an account - take things at your own comfort level. Even if you hope to just read, you can create an anonymous account that will give you capabilities to like stories which will help contribute.


Any and all of your stories are welcome. The Nishy Project is designed to act as your sex diary, allowing you to look back over time and revisit experiences.

Use this platform as desired, but we recommend documenting your sexual encounters on an ongoing basis, leveraging this as a journal or tracker to support good habits associated with sexual wellness.

Additionally, enjoy playing catch up and populating historical stories as you get to relive the experiences in all their glory.

Keep it real

We trust our community to provide real sexual encounters. While this can’t be regulated, our purpose with this project is to demonstrate more of what REAL sex looks like for women. Including fictional experiences will detract from the learning. Additionally, we hope this is motivation to make your fiction reality!

Tell all

Go on…please don’t leave anything out...we want to hear all the intimate details. You can use dirty words and whatever language you are most comfortable with.

Please don’t stress about your writing skills or what other readers will prefer. This experience is all about you and what you’ll enjoy rereading it in the future. So, do what feels natural and stimulating for you, and remember to be yourself (both in the bedroom and when you write about it).